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Beacon Leads

Our services include List Management, Data Analytics and Lead Generation.
Your customers have multiple options to search and engage with you than ever before. Beacon Leads offers a complete suite of lead generation services designed to connect with everyone from your most loyal to your prospective customers. We are experienced in all aspects of digital and traditional lead generation practices and have the depth of expertise to build a tailored outbound campaign to boost your sales pipeline.

Maximum Digital

Our services include Web Development, Search Marketing (SEM, SEO, PPC or CPM), Demand Generation (social, display, email and mail), Content Creation (video, audio or written)
Today’s media landscape requires many distinct elements working together to create a consistent brand presence no matter where your consumer goes, lands or clicks. At Maximum Digital Group, we strategically and creatively link these elements together to deliver a compelling and immersive experience to build an ongoing relationship with your customer. No matter the stage, Maximum Digital Group partners with you throughout the process to build a cohesive, integrated brand presence across the various consumer touchpoints to meet your business goals and maximize your impact.


Our services include MOV•ology’s Consumerology™ platform: Web form abandonment solutions, personalized triggered SMS or email, and transactional eKart™ shopping cart to eForm™ form abandonment recovery solutions.
MOV•ology™ provides enterprise and SMB marketers real-time automated next generation web form abandonment solutions to increase ROI using our Patented Technology (US Patents 9,280,531 & 9,286,282 & 9,589,281). Our end-to-end webform abandonment solutions produce results: bring back visitors • more conversions • more customers • more sales. Our product portfolio extends from transactional eKart™ shopping cart to eForm™ form abandonment recovery solutions, identifying and profiling site abandoners in real-time, significantly lifting your marketing ROI. Imagine recovering over 20% of abandoned web with our Patented real-time, automated web form abandonment solutions, through MOV•ology’s Consumerology™ platform.
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