Digital and Offset Prepress Services


Effective Prepress Services are crucial to the success of your print project. If your job is not set up correctly at the start it may not meet your quality requirements at the finish. Advantage Prepress uses the state-of-the-art Printergy ™ System to insure your print project, from proofing to the final printed product, will turn out even better than you envisioned. More importantly, our experienced staff of Prepress Technicians can coordinate with our own Creative Team catch and correct print quality issues before they ever make it to the presses.

Advantage Prepress offers multiple options for both uploading and proofing your graphic files. We can convert most standard software graphic submission platforms to the top industry standard Adobe ™ Creative Suite PDF Pro system and provide both online and high resolution hard proofs. Our cloud-based Graphics Submission portal will make it easy and convenient for you to manage your graphics projects from your own desktop, laptop, tablet or even smartphone interface anywhere you have an internet connection.

Advantage offers a number of ways for you to easily and securely upload your graphics and data files.

  • Online Kodak Insite ™Graphics Management and Proofing System
    Easy upload and proof formatting for cloud-based proof approval
  • Secure ftp graphics and data file upload system—password security, private files, defined access
  • Email Link—secure email attachment

When your project goes “live” contact your Advantage Rep for the best upload options for you or your client’s needs

Add Mailing Services to your print job

Advantage offers versatility of a single production run or in combination with our Advantage Mailing Services.

The efficiencies gained in being your single source printing and mailing service allows your business to reach your audience faster and more economically.  We offer a centralized point of contact to manage the entire project for you.

Add Creative Services to your print job

Did you know Advantage provides creative services as well?  From concept design, to procuring targeted mailing lists, we can brainstorm and recommend the best solution to meet your budget and marketing needs.

Why Advantage is YOUR Advantage?

The trifecta of our Marketing, Printing and Mailing services offers several economies of scale.  One of those is taking our expertise in mailing and designing the right type of piece to fit your budget and marketing strategy.  Call us today to find out more 714-538-3881 or email

Grow SalesSave Money

Reach your customers faster, more targeted, with lower costs