hello website,

meet mailbox.

We think it’s time for these two to start working together.

With our Automated Remarketing Mail Platform™ we make it easy to re-market to your website traffic by sending them a friendly postcard to both their digital and physical mailbox.

With AMP you can automate and maximize the power of multichannel remarketing.

AMP automates your remarketing by capturing and enhancing your high intent website visitors. Automated Mail Platform™ then sends personalized automated remarketing emails, and triggers personalized Direct Mail Postcards to your website traffic to help you recapture leads and grow conversions.

how it works.


Our marketing snippet allows us to capture information that your website traffic leaves behind. Automated remarketing emails can be triggered to begin within minutes of the visitor leaving.


With the information we capture, the user’s information is matched, enhanced, or segmented allowing us to send the most personalized direct mail.


Automated remarketing emails work in conjunction with your direct mail campaign to drive your prospects back and increase lead conversions.  Contact us today for a recapture estimate.

about capture.

Capture® is an Automated Remarketing software company that we have selectively partnered with to power the back end of our AMP platform.  At Advantage ColorGraphics we hold our clients privacy and standards to the highest level.  With our Capture® partnership we are able to ensure the highest level of Privacy Shield Certification, GDPR & CAN-SPAM compliance as well as best in class patented technology.

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