California’s First HP PageWide T240 HD for Commercial Print!

Courtesy of HP Inc, David Murphy

Advantage’s new high-speed digital inkjet press drives higher ROI for marketers. How? Here are four ways:

Hewlett-Packard Page Wide Web Press T240 HD

Higher Direct Mail Effectiveness 

As CEOs scrutinize marketing budgets, CMOs feel more pressure to deliver measurable marketing ROI with campaigns that drive demand and loyalty. Low email response rates stress marketers. Spam filters and email clutter create low open rates. Marketers now focus less on CPM (cost-per-thousand) and more on cost-per-response. 

Smart marketers utilize data-driven direct mail that is personalized with relevant content. Especially with complimentary digital marketing tools (email, social, video, etc.), targeted campaigns can generate double-digital response rates, low customer acquisition rates and higher ROI. Printed direct mail breaks through the clutter and creates a tactile user experience for greater engagement. That drives your ROI!

Combination of Speed and Quality in the HP T240

Advantage’s investment in the HP PageWide Web Press T240 HD, the first color inkjet web press of its kind in California, prints high-volume marketing collateral and direct mail at breakthrough speed and print quality. Commercial print campaigns that once took weeks to produce can now be delivered in days–with vibrant color quality and sharp text. That drives your ROI! 

HP T240 Has Unmatched Versatility

With the addition of the new PageWide Press, Advantage offers a wider range of applications from high-quality brochures, books and catalogs to postcards, posters and more. Plus, every piece can be unique to its recipient! This incredible versatility enables print job sizes in the millions, thousands, hundreds or dozens. The ability to produce what you want is key to efficiency. That drives your ROI! 

Industry-Leading Sustainability

With high-volume inkjet technology, With high-volume inkjet technology, Advantage can print with less waste, more recyclable papers and greater energy efficiency. There are no hazardous air pollutants and extremely low VOCs (volatile organic compounds). That enables a safe environment and helps to reduce costs–and that drives your ROI! 

Advantage’s PageWide Web Press complements its previous investment in the HP Indigo 12000, the print industry’s leading digital press solution. Together, these two technologies allow Advantage’s clients to achieve new levels of digital print effectiveness unmatched by other commercial print providers in California. 

With our combined print-to-order efficiency, our clients can order what they need, when they need it. 

We are driving new opportunities for our clients with high-volume digital print. The outcome from these investments leads to overall higher print ROI.


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